Having returned to live in the UK I’m no longer adding posts to this blog.


My article on Seville’s Feria in The Guardian



Ready for Feria

Ready for Feria

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  1. Wish I could be there with you. I’ve lived in Sevilla off and on for many years. I’m a writer currently residing in Puerto Rico. Love the contact with fellow Sevilla lovers. I’ll be following your blog.

    • Thanks very much Susan, I’m convinced Seville is the best place on earth to live! I’ve never been to Puerto Rico though – how does it compare?

      • Hey Alison. Puerto Rico shares the same language as the mother country, and a few streets in San Juan look like the streets of Seville, but beyond that, a very different place. Infinitely more Caribbean than European. Beatiful beaches, with warm water and white sand. But, it’s hard to live and work here. The mañana attitude is frustrating to deal with. Looking forward to more of your posts

  2. Kate Dove

    Love your blog, found it through sexinthecountry.com by Tara Newley. Look forward to more posts!

  3. Lily

    Funny and interesting blog! xx

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